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Lake Patkó is waiting for you as well as your family and friends. Visit our lake, you will not be disappointed!

Our lake
From 1694 Szerecseny was the property of Count Paul Eszterházy. The brick factory that can be found in the village started producing high quality bricks in 1870. After a hundred years of clay mining natural water filled the remaining clay pits forming small lakes. The bottom of the lake is clay containing feldspar.

Our lake’s characteristics
Lake Patkó is located next to the small calm village of Szerecseny far from the main roads and from the noise. Every sportsmate who loves fishing and would like to relax is welcome here. If you want to spend some quality time with your family fishing in a remote peaceful and natural environment Lake Patkó is the right choice. The lake occupies 5,5 acres, of which 50% is covered with water. The lake got its name after its horseshoe shape. One of the shores is freshly swept and free of all obstacles. There are two small islands in water from where fishing is possible. The other side of the peninsula is deeper , rougher and surrounded by cane. That is where the Catfish, the Pike and the Zander hide. Different species of fish have been introduced into the lake’s water. Our main fish is of course Carp but you can also find Common BreamCarassius and White Amur (Grass Carp). There are different kinds of predatory fish in the lake, for example Pike, Catfish and Zander, but if you want something truly special you might even be able to catch Tench or Sturgeon.
Since our lake has a history of more than 25 years there is a good chance that you will catch a huge fish.
There are 7 fishing piers round the lake.

We are very delighted to inform you that we have finished building our guesthouses.
We have 4 guesthouses equipped with air-conditioning, fridge and TV. Check out the pix in our galery. Make arrangements beforehand (Prices)
There is also a camping site next to the lake.

– Free internet access (WiFi).
– organizing social events
– camping site
– guarded, lighted carpark
– fishing equipment
– night fishing
– boats
– warm room (winter)
– barbeque and picnic areas

If you wish to spend more than a day with us but don’t want to leave your dog at home, now you do not have to because our dog kennel is ready.


Day Ticket (24 hrs) 3000 Ft
Children Day Ticket (until age of 16) 2000 Ft

Pay per hour (an inchoate hour counts as whole) Minimum 5 hrs (1000 Ft)
every inchoate hour 200 Ft


Carp 1100 Ft/kg
White Amur 900 Ft/kg
Carassius 800 Ft/kg
Pike 1800 Ft/kg
Catfish 1500 Ft/kg
Zander 2000 Ft/kg

Tench , Sturgeon and Carp cannot be taken home above 4 kg. These must be put back into the lake immediately.
Predatory fish (in case you do not wish to buy them) must not be put back into the lake but must be handed over to the fishguard.

Guesthouse (4 people) 15000 Ft
Campsite 2000 Ft
Shower 500 Ft
Electricity use 1000 Ft
Boat use 1000 Ft
Firewood 2000 Ft


– You do not need a fishing licence to buy a fishing ticket. However we do need your ID card. Dayticket: 3000 Ft/24 óra
Please leave your vehicles in the carpark.
– Children under 14 cannot enter the premises without parental guidance.
– Occupation of fishing places: first come first served
– You are only allowed to bring fishing equipment, food and drink into the lake’s area.
– You must not harm the lake’s environment.
– Littering strictly forbidden!
– Drunk people must not fish!
– Swimming is forbidden in the designated area!
– Using a scoop net is compulsory. You can only keep fish in your scoop net if you want to buy it. You must let the Tench back into the water without premonition. Carp cannot be taken home over 4 kilos.
– You have to show your luggage when leaving.
– If you purchase a day ticket you agree to these rules and you must keep them.
– If you breach any of these rules you will be banned from the lake’s area immediately.


9125, Szerecseny Hrsz.:013



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GPS: 47°27’21”, 17°32’46”


We are open 24/7 all through the year!